Mersey Dee Alliance

Mersey Dee Alliance

A cross-border partnership

The Mersey Dee Alliance (MDA) is a successful partnership that supports strategic economic growth  across North East Wales, West Cheshire and Wirral.  Recognised as a single economic sub-region and having a population close to 1 million, the Mersey Dee area is a pivotal location in the UK. 

The Mersey Dee has five main centres, with different histories, that are complementary in their economic roles to each other despite being either side of the England – Wales national border. The Mersey Dee area offers a distinctive spread of urban, industrial, residential and rural economies that are functionally connected.

With a strong diverse economy (that includes aerospace, automotive, nuclear, renewables, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, financial services, food, engineering, ICT, tourism and retail) the Mersey Dee area is poised for long-term investment, providing opportunities for companies to develop within a growing economic region that has an available supply of land and skilled people available.

MDA Innovation Network Business Breakfasts

These events allow businesses in the Mersey Dee area to talk to each other and learn about local, regional and national initiatives, opportunities to expand and the support available to help them face economic and commercial challenges.

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